YES/NO Summer


With the coming of Summer I always feel renewed hope and energy to start projects, learn new things and literally & symbolically plant seeds that I can harvest in the later seasons. I believe that this time of year is equal parts YES and NO. In order to have time and space … Tell me more

Manifesting May Moon


Lately the message I keep getting from many different sources is the necessity for stillness to allow true guidance and inspiration to come through. It may seem contrary that I suggest stillness on this nearly full Moon May Eve since Beltane is a holiday of the budding and blossoming of … Tell me more

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra Self Reflection


The full moon in Libra is occurring on Saturday April 4 at 8:06AM Eastern Time along with the start of Passover and Easter this weekend. We are simultaneously  experiencing a Lunar Eclipse when the earth obstructs the sun from shining directly upon the moon. SO how can we use this particular celestial event to better achieve our hopes and dreams? … Tell me more

Psychic Self Defense


Whenever you offer engage in any kind of authentic conversation or especially if you offer to do healing work for someone, you open yourself to that other person’s energy field. You can be affected by this on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, psychic/spiritual, consciously and unconsciously. Whether you attribute this … Tell me more

Using Affirmations to Initiate EFT Sessions


Affirmations are powerful tools for personal growth and manifestation. By thinking, visualizing, writing and speaking positively, you can rework older unfulfilling beliefs and transform them to more effective attitudes. However, often declaring positive statements will trigger contradictions and resistance that may be lingering beneath the surface of your conscious mind. As you work with affirmations, you … Tell me more